Events Venue Jimna


Jimna Base Camp is available for special Events ranging from mini music festivals, bikerpacking motorcycles and 4×4 events etc. The type of events we encourage at Base Camp are those of a low impact and low noise. As Jimna Base Camp in located within the small township of Jimna we try to ensure that we do not have an negative impact on our residents so they can enjoy the peace and tranquillity of life in the mountains.

Over the years an example of the variety of events held are:

  • Jimna Rocks. An annual event drawing crowds over two days to enjoy live music.
  • Jimna Escape. A Bikepacking weekend who base themselves on-site.
  • AAA Racing and Coaching. A cross country trail running race on foot through different stages within the Jimna State Forest.
  • Brisbane Sporting Car Club Off-road Rally Cars who once again base themselves on-site then have their designated stages set up in the surrounding forest.
  • The Annual Suzuki DR and Adventure Bike Gathering who also base themselves on-site then explore the tracks and trails that are available locally.
Jimna Base Camp was used for a trail running event start and finish

We can provide assistance and advice regarding catering for your particular event or you can self cater.

There is the Historical Jimna Hall and the Jimna Sporting Club that are only a short walk from Base Camp and could compliment your next event. Both are operated by volunteer community organisations who very much appreciate support.

If you are planning or have an idea for a event please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us and we will endeavour to make it happen. Each event has its particular requirements and conditions and we work in with the organisers to the best of our ability.

Let us know of your plans. I bet we can help.

    Jimna Base Camp is hired at a music venue
    Jimna Base Camp is the perfect location for starting your trail bike exploration of the bush
    Jimna Base Camp used for pits and HQ for car rally