Race to the Rock 2023

Race to the Rock 2023

The adrenaline is pumping, and the Australian outback echoes with the sound of pedal strokes as the 2023 “Race to the Rock” bicycle race is in full swing! From September 2023, cyclists have embarked on an epic 3,000-kilometer journey, battling the rugged terrains and unforgiving elements of the outback.

Starting in Brisbane, Queensland, participants are currently pushing their limits, forging their way through deserts, iconic landmarks, and remote landscapes. The race isn’t just about conquering the distance; it’s about discovering inner strength and forming lasting bonds with fellow adventurers.

As we speak, riders are experiencing the unique blend of physical challenge and the breathtaking beauty of the Australian outback. The 2023 “Race to the Rock” is an unforgettable test of endurance, a journey that connects cyclists with nature’s grandeur and the rich cultural heritage of this iconic region.

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As the Race to the Rock 2023 unfolds, cyclists will conquer the challenging terrain, passing through the picturesque Jimna region, where lush forests and pristine rivers provide both a natural sanctuary and a thrilling stage for this epic journey.


The 2017 course differs slightly from the route of the 2016 event, which ran from Adelaide to Uluru. This year’s path incorporates the entire Munda Biddi trail, a purpose-built, long-distance cycling track that mostly traverses off-road terrain from Albany to Mundaring in the Perth hills. The final leg of this extensive 3,000+ km journey will follow the Great Central Road, covering approximately 1,100 kilometers of unpaved terrain to reach Kata Tjuṯa (the Olgas), culminating at Uluru.

As previously mentioned, the Race to The Rock pays homage to the forgotten history of the Overlanders. This year’s route holds particular significance as it retraces some of Francis Birtles’s attempt to cross the Great Victoria Desert during the summer of 1907, as depicted in the image above (right). It also traces the paths taken by highly paid cycle couriers who embarked on perilous long-distance expeditions during the gold rush of the 1890s. Furthermore, it honors the memory of Dr. Charles Laver, who ventured into remote mining and indigenous communities on his bicycle, providing medical treatment to those in need, regardless of their ability to pay.

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